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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1-15 north and finding JOY

I am very much like my mother... I stress about everything... almost to the point of ruining the trip for everyone. I don't mean to I just want every thing to be great!! I want to know that I made good plans and that we will be safe...I want to know before we go... I don't think that is to much to ask.

I need to let go. We are on an adventure of a lifetime. Most people will never get to do this. I want to share with you our journey. I think that helps me focus on the good and not on all my worry.

I will keep it real. I will tell you when something does not go the way we thought it would. But mostly I want to find the Joy in this trip so that is what I will be writing about.

One of the worries I have and a question that I am sure is on of the minds that know our "situation" is how are they affording to do this?
This is the one thing that I hope to find joy in. They say you can travel and see the places you have always wanted to. There are a million and one blogs and web sites out there to tell you how to do it.... on a budget....  with a million dollars and every thing in between.

I don't have all the answers and every family is unique.  I will share with you how we are doing it and maybe that will give you inspiration to do something like this with your family or just prove that we are crazy.

We try and do local things. I also scour the  internet to find coupons on activities. Using the little community paper that was lying on a counter in the laundry mat. We found out about this great free activity happening at a library.

This guy was fantastic! His name is Duffy Husdon he is a Broadway and film actor. I had never heard of him but he did a great job. It was so fun. He told the great stories of Dr. Suess.

We also went to a car show for fathers day. Ray found out about it on a bulletin board. Oh my heck!
This was totally Awesome!! Rays favorite thing so far on the road. If you are ever in Murrieta CA on Fathers Day you should GO! It was free and soooo COOL.

I joined Goldstar it was free to join and it gives you discounts on events. There is a handling charge that makes it more than you were expecting, but we still saved money buying our tickets to the Renaissance Fair we went to.
They said it was a "little Fair" but it was bigger then anything that you can find in Alaska. The kids have never been to one. (Our mantra on OUR BIG ADVENTURE is "things we have never done before"). This gave me an excuse to put my geek on and go. We spent the afternoon there, Gabby really like watching the "battle" from a tree. 
To save more money we went to the grocery store before we went and I got fried chicken, some really yummy...garlic crusty bread and some big bakery cookies. I wanted the family to eat with our hands and have food "like" we could buy there, but not spend $9 on a turkey leg. It work out fabulously!

Of course we take advantage of all the fun activities at the camp grounds we are staying at...we have already paid for those.....

 my tips
1. be flexible
 2. check community papers
3. online deals
4. shop at the grocery stores
5. take advantage of what you already paid for
6. let go and try not to stress



The Stouts said...

It looks like you are having a blast. Wish we could be there. Love you.

SaraKeele said...

We try to go cheap and local when we do our weekly summer field trips too. We miss you. Tell the family hi. Love ya!!

davidl340 said...

My family and I are also doing something similar, and I have the same issue of 'stressing out' about stuff. I am trying to make sure I don't let it mess up our one in a lifetime trip also. Looks like you guys are having fun, keep it up.