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Friday, April 23, 2010

building a cathedral

I am Building a Cathedral

I just read a great blog post.

It started with a story of a man who came upon three bricklayers busily working in the hot afternoon sun. “What are you doing?” he asked the first. The first worker replied, “I’m laying bricks.” “What are you doing?" he asked the second. The second worker replied "I'm passing time until a better job comes along."
"What are you doing?" he asked the third. The third worker replied “I’m Building a cathedral."

May be it is because our dad always taught us in parable. But the story resonated with me. As I get caught up in my daily life. I have found myself not seeing the big picture. Do I know that I am building a cathedral? We have been given the great responsibility of building the lords kingdom; our home into a temple; our families into eternal masterpieces. How lucky are we to live on the earth today.

I think often of my fathers famous words. We are creating memories.
That’s what he has always says. It is not about the money we make or the cool house we live in, but the life we live and the moments of joy we recognize.

I hope my children will say that about me when they are big. That it was not about the clean house or the fancy clothes but the time we had together as a family.