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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An up date

Can it really have been almost 2 months. I hope every one is doing well. I just got a new computer so I am finally back on line. and it seams like life is slowing down a little. we had a great big busy couple of months. Ray and I had birthdays Ray is now 45 that is almost 50
I can hardly believe that. We also celebrated our 12th anniversary witch we are so blessed to have. Mom and Dad stayed with us for about a month while mom recovered from her hip surgery. We had a great time. well I did any way. have to say we miss them even though they are only 3 miles away. it was a big help having them around I did not have to worry about how every one was because I had every one under my own roof. I also had the Smith kids for a time. That was a blast to I think that I am just a gluten for I really did enjoy the craziness.
I guess that is why I took on a community theater production of Peter Pan in the last month of its production. They needed a stage manager and I needed more craziness so it work out well. I have been transported back to my High School days of Drama Club. I have to say it as been a blast. If not tiring. I will post Pics soon of the kids and of the play. any way just a little up date in our life.