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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

North to Oregon

It has been a month since I last gave an update on our BIG ADVENTURE.

We spent some time at a great campsite in the Thousand Trails parks Called Rancho Oso. It was out side of Santa Barbara, Lily was in Heaven there, they had a working Ranch so she was down at the stables everyday, visiting with the horses.

 We went as a family on a trail ride. and also took a day and went for a hike up to a little waterfall. and of course we took a day and explored Santa Barbara and visited the Mission.

On our way to our next stop, Monterey, we detoured to the little town of Sulvang. Definately a stop worth taking. We had a nice couple hours touring the little shops and we even listened to a concert in the park by the California Air national Gaurd Band.

We drove the California Coast Hwy. or Hwy 1 to Monterey. Let me tell you.. That scared to crap out of me. It was beautiful don't get me wrong... but HOLY COW....I just took it really really slow. Lily was supper helpful. I have probably scared her for life.

We got to Carmel really late because of my really slow driving so we ended up doing our first "boondocking" We asked to stay at a Safeway parking lot. It was well lit and Everyone slept like a baby except for me. I had visions of intruders dancing through my head the whole time. In fact at 3 in the AM I watched a box truck pull up and off load something very mysterious  into waiting vehicles very Miami Vice. (it was probably just people picking up for a paper route) however it seamed very sketchy to me at the time.

To use the word BEAUTIFUL to describe Monterey would be an understatement.  We had an amazing time the couple of days we stayed there. Most memorable for me was riding bikes on their coastal trail.  See previous BEAUTIFUL. We brought along the kids bikes so were only going to have to rent 2 bikes but  ended up having to rent 4 instead. The boys had flat tiers from the prickly things in Rancho Oso.

We also visited out first lighthouse. This was supper cool. we hiked up 300 feet and over 3 miles to take the tour. It was worth every step. Ray and I have loved lighthouses from afar for many years. Probably from our time on boats but neither one of us had ever toured a lighthouse. So glad we did. Now Ray wants to stop at every one we pass. I don't think the kids loved it as much as we did. in fact there has been many a grown when we talk about visiting another one.

From Monterey we drove to Sacramento to visit my sister and her family in there brad new to them 4500 sq ft house. It was so great to spend time with them and to sleep in a real bed and cook in real size kitchen. The kids wore themselves out everyday playing with there cousins. Ray and I became addicted to the show American Pickers on the History channel. We now drive down the road making judgment on all the homes we pass... If they would be a good "free styling" stop.

We were with the Bushes on the 4th of July. We spent the day celebrating Floating on the River. Supper fun. No pics though did not want to lose the phone....

The next week Amanda, Lily, Katrina and I  went to the girls camp for our church. I got to go as Camp Nurse. That was an..... interesting experience which ended with me sending Lily home a day early and me leaving the last night because of a Bear in camp that was getting into the kitchen. I loved the girls and the leaders and made some great friends which is what camp is all about. So over all I will chalk that one up to doing something I have never done. ( which is what this trip is all about.) and add it to my list of things I do not want to do again.

Our plan was to leave Amanda's a couple of days after we gat back from camp...but we stayed almost another week. The kids were very sad to go and have had a hard time adjusting to being back "on the road".

We drove from Sacramento to Florence OR 511 miles the day we left Amanda. Spent 4 days enjoying "camping in the forest" thats what Gabby called it. I had a really bad asthma attack so missed out on some of the fun. Ray took the kids. Sand sledding at the beach. check another thing we have never done off the list.

We are now in Seaside OR. enjoying much cooler weather and trying our hand at being crafty....

Next stop Seattle....

Sunday, July 1, 2012

101 North... and our happy place

Oh to have WiFi, cell coverage  and 3G again!!
What an amazing time we are having.

I don't even know where to start to let you in on all out adventures. The Beach was.... perfect.
with the exception of not having good cell coverage. It is crazy how reliant I am on 3G.
 We stayed at Emma Woods state Beach. I highly recommend it. If you are not afraid to camp with out hookup. It was far more difficult in my head than it was to do. It just takes a little bit of planning and a lot of baby wipes. We did have a little hick up with the generator.... (We could not get it to turn on)

As soon as we drove into our spot Lily looked at me and said "this is our happy place" and she is so right.. All the tension that has been building up was washed out with the sounds of the surf. 
The kids were in love. They spent hours in the waves and sand. I had found Boogyboards at a thrift store before we left Utah. The best 4 dollars I ever spent. 
We took one day to visit Ventura. We love to spend time looking at the boats in the harboors and dreaming of  how we can move this adventure from land to sea.... 

Did you know that Ray and I met on board a ship? I was a steward and a deck hand and Ray was the Engineer.
And that after Rays brain injury when he could not remember having a family he remembered being "Chief engineer McKimmey" The rehab staff told me to bring things from our home that were important to him. So I brought a painting he had bought me of the ship we met on. He would stare at it for hours and say " thats were I belong, we need to go there." 
We often wonder how two people who are so at home and a peace at the water ended up with a house in Palmer AK.

The beach has definitely been the highlight of our trip so far. there is just something about the sound of the waves.... and laughing children.