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Saturday, June 27, 2009


I am in Utah and it is hot!!!
I miss my family like crazy, I am looking at nursing schools down here. I don't know if I have Finlay lost my mind or if I am Finlay finding my path. the next few weeks will tell.
I am having so much fun with "the girls" and their cute little baby's.
I will post pics if I ever get batteries for my camera.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Priesthood blessing

Our heavenly fathers priesthood is here on the earth today. I know that. I don't kind of know I really know. The kind of know that can never be denied.

on 6-7-08 my life and that of my families was changed forever. I was witness to a true miracle.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon. A good day my husband and my children had returned home from a baptism of a close friend. Ray my husband was asked to stand in the confirmation circle the next day all was well in the world.

Until it all fell apart. I found my husband lying in our driveway on his stomach I could not find a pulse he was not breathing. All of my medical training told me at a first glance that he was dead. I called 911 as I ran down the hill to him. I started CPR with my aunt we performed it for 8 min the worst 8 min of my life. The call went out to my family that Ray was dead that I was performing CPR.

The EMS arrived at the same time as my mother and father. The Ems worked on him for 15 min giving epinephrine and shocking his heart with a defibrillator 4 times.

As my father walked up my hill our eyes met and I told him Ray needs a blessing. He put his hands on his head and called his spirit back. This was not a showy act. but a simple blessing given in faith and with the power of the priesthood.

The Emt's got a heart rate back at this point and Ray was transferred to the hospital.

As the Doctors where going over his cat scans. our bishop and my father gave Ray a blessing. I was told that Ray was going to be brain dead that I should consider organ donation and make him as comfortable as possible.

Could this really be happening to me to my family. what about our 4 children how could they grow up with out a father?My family gathered around me I was given a blessing one that told me that the lord could not work with fear, that you could not have faith and fear in the same body.

As I looked at my eternal companion all hooked up to tubes and in a coma I felt the lords angels around me.

My 4 brothers-in laws and my father gave Ray a blessing the next night. One that told him he had his agency that the lord would give him a choice to finish his mission on earth or fulfill his mission in heaven. that our lord would counsel him but the choice was his.

My family left me alone with Ray as the monitors hummed we talked well I talked and I know that he listened. We had an Eternal marriage. No matter what choice Ray made for our family it was going to be the right one I had peace in my heart. I slept for the first time in 3 days that night. while Ray was still in coma.

when I woke up Ray was opening his eyes and responding it stimulation. The doctors were cautious they did not know how much brain activity would come back. More cat scans where done. NO Brain damage was seen.

How could this be? the Doctors could not say. But we know.

Today 1 year latter Ray is driving a car and taking caring his family.

I know that the priesthood is on the earth today as it was when the lord walked the earth. I know that only his will can be done and if it was not his will then Ray would not be with me today. but through the priesthood we are a eternal family and that is the lords plane for us.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

a picture is worth a thousand words

So if a picture is Worth a thousand words does it count as your words if you did not take the picture?

I have been looking forward to this day with batted breath. Really I have been holding my breath for the last 365 days.

I took a deep breath at 12:08PM today as the time came and past of Rays anniversary of his heart failure. To celebrate our family and what Ray and I have been calling "Rays not dead day" We had a "relative" small family Hot dog roast. last night and up at our house. It was a lot of fun the sun finally came out and graced us with its presence.

The sun stayed the night and continued to shine through our window when we woke this morning. Ray and I cuddled up and talked about how lucky we were to still be able to hold each other and how close we came to not having well...what we have. Happy.

We took a family vote and decided not to go to church and celebrate our happy day with the lords big church. the great out doors.

We drove up to hatcher pass with the intent to drive over the mountain. but the road was closed.
So the kids and Ray took a hike up the mountain while I waved and cheered them on from up about 1/4 way up.

I sat on a big rock I need to get into better shape. I contemplated this as I watched my husband who just 365 days ago was technically dead. run up the side of a mountain.

The lord works in the most wonderful ways.

My camera blinked the low batteries sign and turned off. So no personal pictures to share sorry.