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Monday, April 16, 2012

We just kind of packed up and went..

Yuba Lake!!

This was such a fun trip. We just kind of packed up and went. It is so fun to have a motorhome. This trip really made me excited about our BIG ADVENTURE. However we have decided that we need to sell the motorhome and get another trailer to pull with the Expedition. We are all really sad about it. We have made it just perfect. But driving two vehicles is just not in the budget this trip. 
We know we will have great fun with or without.
 The trip will go on. 

 like I said this was kind of a thrown together trip so when we got to the campground we did not have anything planed, I had no idea what to expect. Luckily we have been storing the fishing gear under the  back bed so instant fun for the boys; even the girls did it for a while. 

I have kind of become obsessed with GeoCaching. I think this will be a fun part of our trip. 
Have you ever tried it. It is so easy now with smart phones. all you need is an app.

Playing card games 
We new it was going to rain when we pulled out of the driveway but figured it would be good practice for our trip. If we are going to be traveling in a camper or trailer for 60-90 days we are going to have rainy days. 
It was a success we all love to play games and no one got killed!

Hanging out
This is the part of our trip I am looking forward to the most. 

 Yuba Lake Oasis camp ground 
was great. 
Lots of room,  $ 20 a night for hook ups and shower rooms, It also has a boat launch if you are lucky enough to have one. 

 how to empty the Black water. I made the boys get out and help there dad. The girls laughed giggling that this was gross.  Little do they know that this is not a boys only chore and they will have to learn how to do it.