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Monday, November 9, 2009

passing time

The days keep passing.

The kids and Ray just went for a bike ride to the park. We do love that about Utah. We can walk and ride are bikes on flat ground. If we were back home we would have to go up and down my hill, and well that is just not ok.

We have made an effort to be active everyday go for a walk or bike ride we would like to go swimming but have not gotten around to that yet. This has been fun for me and the kids. Of course they are active everyday but well I am not so much.

I also started a CNA program this month. It is a prerec. to my nursing program so I have to do it. It has been fun to go to class with Elizabeth.

We had a fun impromptu dinner/ gamenight last night. Everyone just kind of turned up. I made Potato Bar for us to eat and the grownups played Apples to Apples while children watched Harry Potter down stairs. It so reminded me of when Tammy and Todd lived in Eagle River and we would go over on Sunday nights and have dinner and Games. Only this time I am the big sister. It was alot of fun. Thanks for coming over.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Elizabeth and Miles were Horten hears a Hoo. (So Cute)
I Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween