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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Home

We found a home!!! We get to move into it on the first. It has 4 bedrooms and a play room!! There will be room for everyone! Even for mom and Dad to stay when they come to visit. It is not a great big house it is actually a duplex but it had everything we will need. To be comfortable. We are so excited!! So now I can serch for good deals on furniture! I love shopping it has come at a good time with PFDs around the corner! What are you going to spend the yours on. I hope you get to do somthing fun not just pay bills.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Have you ever heard the story of Goldy Locks and the 3 bears. I feel like Ray and I are Goldy Locks going to all the little house apt. Houses and Duplexes in the happy valley from Spanish Fork to Pleasant Grove. Looking for the one that is just right. We have seen many. I know that the right one is out there some where.
Wish us luck.

Friday, September 11, 2009

We are here!!!

We have just rolled into Springville And guess who was here Grandma!!
Ya we are here!! We are here!! Ray drove through the Salt lake Crazy roads! I closed my eyes :)
So when we get more settled I will write more.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We are no longer lost.

We are in Spokane WA we got here on Tuesday night. We had no trouble crossing the with out the correct documents I know the lord was watching over us. I did drive the trailer across which I have never driven the trailer before so I pat my self on the back for driving all the way to Spokane and through the city.
We have had a great time with Great Uncle Al He is Rays Grate Uncle He just turned 89 and is as spry as any 70 year old. He took us the the YMCA to go swimming and the Kids got to climb a rock wall. It was a very cool YMCA.
We were going to be out of here at 9:30 this morning but Mac ran into a problem with his O2 bottles so we stayed so Ray could do the heavy lifting. We are hopeful to get into Utah some time tomorrow or maybe Really late tonight but probably not.
I am Looking forward to the driving part of our adventure to end and the living part to start. although you really don't stop living when you are driving. We are still doing school reading writing and math every day in the car. and we have got to talk about the changer landscape and climate and geography so that has been fun.
Uncle Al is a wonderful mentor he has lived a wonderful life serving in WWII and has an amazing amount of knowledge that the kids and us love to listen to. I hope we can spend more time with him before we go back to Alaska. He has away with the kids that is uncanny I don't know if I can put it into words but we love You Uncle AL Thanks for letting us stay with you.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


OK So we are not lost but Ray's Planner which is his brain sense his head injury. was LOST OR STOLEN or both. We did not discover that it was gone until we had traveled 171 miles from our last stop. Frantically we search the cars the trailer but to no avail. We then used the gas guys phone to call Dawson Creek to our last stops but no luck. Now what to do? He has no picture ID no past port. We moved on until we go to Prince George we stopped here. At 5:00pm the kids were stunned. We are stopping already? the cries of delight where heard from behind us. they are out playing on the campgrounds play equipment.

We filed a police report of the LOST/STOLEN "Brain" planner of Rays and called the bank to let them know. now we can only cross our fingers that we can get across the border and someone will be a good sole and turn in our very important "Brain". So please pray for us.
On a lighter note here are some pics of our adventure this is us in Toke. Grandpa Mac bought us a cool bike rake for our bikes but it was breaking our bumper so we had to put them on top of his trailer anyway.

This is the Kids in Toad River

And yet another potty break.. You know that Garth Brooks song about stopping every hundred miles to call his girlfriend. well we are stopping every 100 miles to Pee..

Grandma Oborn got the girls Polly pockets for the trip they are a hit and there clothes also look good on Kyles toes

Sleepy Gabby

Wish us luck on the rest of our jurney Only 1700 miles to go

Saturday, September 5, 2009


OK I have some fun pics to post for you but the internet conection I am using is soooooo slow that it will not work so I will just say that we are on are way and are in Dawson Creek the end of the ALCAN it has been well....Fun? We have had three blown out tires 2 on our expidtion and 1 on Macs trailer. I have been well irritable. I think that is the nice way to say it. but I think we are all going to servive the jurney. We have seen buffolo herds and all the other fun animales that you would expect to see. I will wright more soon when we get a better conection.