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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Did you know I love this man?
It am still amazed that he is here with me.
I love that we got to spend another Christmas together...
and what a wonderful Christmas it was.
We were so blessed by our wonderful family 
They do so much for us
And the kindness of strangers still takes my breath away
Some day I hope to return the favor.
But I guess for now it is my job to learn humility.
We are taught to serve others....
But we must also learn to let others serve us.
to be humble.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I know its time to post

I know it is time to post when I get to the bottom of Amy's list. Things are good in Utah. The weather is very mild and I am really enjoying it. School is going great I think I will end up with straight A's this semester as long as I do good on my finals. I have been able to work with some midwives down here and that has been great! Love to keep my hands in it.
We have decided that it is time for Ray to try and work some. He has done some volunteering at DI the church thrift store. They have a program for disabled people to work there so he is applying for the program. It will be part time work and they work with people with his issues so I think it will be a very positive thing for him. So hopefully by the New Year he will be doing that.
Mom and Dad are here and that has been great. They are eager for there mission call to come, they are not so much for being in limbo land.
Well that is about all.