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Saturday, August 23, 2008

We are home Again

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So we are home again.Ray had his surgery on the 13th and was discharged from the hospital on the 21st. Ray said if he ever sees the inside of a hospital it will be to soon. I would have to agree with that one hundred percent!

We have been so blessed this summer. Ray came through his heart valve surgery with flying colors with only a little hick up but we are home and he is doing great. The hardest part of surgery is the recovery they say. I don't know if that is true but it is frustrating for Ray he can not lift more than 5 lbs( a full galleon of milk weighs 8lb) for the next 6 weeks that includes pushing and pulling so he has to find different ways of doing things. He told me this morning that he felt useless. Wow that is hard to hear.

It is amazing to me how often the hand of the lord is in my daily life. I was reading in the ensign the evening we got home from the hospital and came across a great article that really hit me. Coming to know for ourselves by Elder Kenneth Johnson this is just a little excerpt

"The Companionship of the Holy Spirit
One of the greatest blessings of membership in the Church is the opportunity to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Through virtuous living we can qualify for this divine source of guidance, which enables us to see “things as they really are, and … as they really will be” (Jacob 4:13).
We then see things clearly; we have a fresh view that is not limited to the span of our mortal sphere. To know that there is a plan and a purpose to our lives creates a vision of possibilities and opportunities of which we were not previously aware.
In his inspirational classic, As a Man Thinketh, James Allen observed, “Whatever your present environment may be, you will fall, remain, or rise with your thoughts, your vision, your ideal. You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration.”3
With our aspirations tempered by an eternal perspective, our minds can be illuminated by the light of the everlasting gospel, enabling us to chart a course to reach our divine potential. The choice is ours. We can fall back into the lifestyle of the natural man or yield to the enticings of the Holy Spirit to become partakers of the divine nature (see Mosiah 3:19; 2 Peter 1:4)."

Ray has had some incredible blessing over the past few months. the most recent was right before his surgery and Ray was told that he should take this time to prepair for his mission in life and when the opportunity present it self he will be ready to recognize it.

So when Ray said he was feeling useless I was prompted to remind him of this blessing and to read this article together. I am so glad that the lord has a plan for Ray and our family and has given us the gift of the holy ghost that we can be guided. Any way I think that is cool.

So we decided that this was Rays time to get a scholor education and develope a personal relationship with our savoir. I am so excited about this next chapter in our lives and that we get to do it together ( well because Ray is not dead LOL, I love saying that.)

On a different note. I took my NARM exam on the 20th that is the national test for midwifery. I will have all my paper work in for the AK State board at the beginning of next week and the board will meet on Sept 12 And I hope that I will be licenced soon after that. Ya me.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just an update

We took this last weekend to have a little time away and see a little of Alaska with Grandpa Mac. We left Friday and came back Sunday. Mom and I drove in one car with the girls and Ray and Grandpa Mac drove in another with the boys. It was a beautiful drive and we only had one misshape. Grandpa Oborn changed the oil on the little car that morning and forgot to put the oil cap back on. We caught it before the engine blew up. but it was exciting for a while.

Josh had a wonderful baptism. It kind of weired me out a little because it was exactly 8 weeks to the hour that we were at Sandy's baptism and then Ray had his heart thing so I was kind of holding my breath until 12:07 passed and nothing happened. Amy had a great open house and had lots of friends there. Then we took the kids to Santa's house and then went to pioneer park and saw a little bit of Alaskan history; it rained on us but was fun anyway.

We have kind of gotten into a little routine and are getting used to our daily life, just in time for Ray to have his open heart surgery. It will be on the 12th so pls. feel free to pray for us on that day. We think that Ray will be in the hospital for about a week and we are so grateful to Tressa and John for letting the kids stay with them while we are at the hospital.

So along with every thing else I have been trying to study for my NARM test ( my midwifery test) that will be on the 20th so you can pray for me on that day to.LOL
I hope everyone is doing well love you all