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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas pics

Thanks Grandma for our PJs

Grandpa and Christopher

Grandma and Abigale
Standing Room Only
Thanks Tressa for having it at your house

Ryan, Allan and Kaden

Grandpa and his little girls
Lily Eve Kattie and Gabby

Tammy Tori and Gabe
We missed all of you who could not be there with us!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Sunday

The pictures where taken after church at grandmas house

I love Christmas Sunday. Last night was our ward Christmas party and I had to leave early because I was not feeling good. That really upset my kids. So last night Ray was saying that we did not have to go to church to day. I was shocked My first thought was cool but then I thought at how Lily and Gabby where so excited to where there new Christmas dresses. I said to Ray but it is Christmas Sunday. He looked kind of confused for a minute and then admitted he forgot that we don't go to church on Christmas just because its Christmas ( a little brain injury and this catholic back ground I guess.) So we decided that we would have to go. I am so glad we did.
This Christmas season has kind of been not very christmassy (is that a word) any way we have had to humble our selves and be the receivers this year and it has been well humbling. I am indeed very grateful for every ones generosity.
Any way Christmas Sunday. I love it! I love my kids getting new dresses and church clothes. Doing every ones hair. And making everyone match that is my favorite part, It really reminds me of our Christmases as little girls. I wonder if my kids will match there kids for Christmas
We had a great program put on by our ward choir. but the words the bishop shared with us were ones that really touched me. they are from president Hinckley in which he wished every one a happy holiday and more importantly an Hour to meditate and pray about the birth of our Savior. I hope everyone gets to have an hour of meditation to count our blessing and ponder the wonder that is Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Grandma is on the Web

Hi everyone. Just a little note to let you know that I got mom on the web. Her blog is

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Gabby came into my room this morning with a drawing she had done. You could not tell what the drawing was of. But she told me about it. It was a picture of our house and the satellite dish with dad standing on the roof. She told me that it was be for dad got his defibrillator and his chest broke. Every night when it is her turn to say family prayers she prays that dads defibrillator will not go off. So do I.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

You know it is time to post when...

Gabby and Lily making the eggs for Dinner

Kattie & Gabby Best friends

You know you need to post when you are at the bottom of Amy's blog watch list thing. Any way lots of things happening like MY SPACE is OPEN! you can find me there on Tuesdays and Thursdays offering free pregnancy testing! We also had Thanksgiving out at Tammys. That was fun.

We also set up out Christmas Tree

When we got all done getting the Christmas tree up we turned off all the lights and looked at our wonderful creation. Lily leaned into me and said "I think our tree is perfect." I would have to agree with her. It is not a prize winner but we were able to decorate it as a family, which in the years past I totally took for granted. but this year I think we are all just so aware of how it could of just been me and the kids. This year every thing is just a little bit sweeter.

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