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Sunday, February 14, 2010

a love story

Happy Valentines Day

I would like to tell you a love story that I have been thinking about allot lately. It is about a young girl and an older man. This young girl was lost and she thought that she new what love was. But then she took a magical boat ride through beautiful glacier field bays. She stood on the back deck of the ship when the older man put his arms around her and they watched whales cresting off the port side. She snuggled in and felt his warmth and strength. How could she know that her life was going to change forever? The older man showed her what it was like to be loved for who she was and for all her hidden potential.

One Christmas eve night 2 years latter the older man took the beautiful young girl for a carriage ride down fairy lined streets of a magical city where they watched the amazing lights go by as the sat snuggled close to each other under the thick blankets for warmth. The older man offered the young girl a simple but elegant ring that his mother had worm and ask her to be his bride.

They were married and lived happily for a time. With the normal ups and down of life. There love grew as there family grew they had 4 little blessing added to there family. The older man and the young girl built a house and a life. They were happy.

One day a terrible monster came and attacked the older man and he lay like he was dead. The young girl and the 4 little blessings cried and prayed for 3 days. Then mighty knights came and blessed the older man and the monsters wounds were healed. The older man was still very week and a lot confused but the young girl and the 4 little blessings were so happy that they cried for 3 more days for joy.

The older man and the young girls love grew even stronger. The older man is not quite the same as he was before the terrible monster came. But the young girl and the 4 little blessings love him even more, and they are so grateful that they will get to live happily ever after for many more years.

I love you Ray and I am so Happy that you are not dead.