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Sunday, July 1, 2012

101 North... and our happy place

Oh to have WiFi, cell coverage  and 3G again!!
What an amazing time we are having.

I don't even know where to start to let you in on all out adventures. The Beach was.... perfect.
with the exception of not having good cell coverage. It is crazy how reliant I am on 3G.
 We stayed at Emma Woods state Beach. I highly recommend it. If you are not afraid to camp with out hookup. It was far more difficult in my head than it was to do. It just takes a little bit of planning and a lot of baby wipes. We did have a little hick up with the generator.... (We could not get it to turn on)

As soon as we drove into our spot Lily looked at me and said "this is our happy place" and she is so right.. All the tension that has been building up was washed out with the sounds of the surf. 
The kids were in love. They spent hours in the waves and sand. I had found Boogyboards at a thrift store before we left Utah. The best 4 dollars I ever spent. 
We took one day to visit Ventura. We love to spend time looking at the boats in the harboors and dreaming of  how we can move this adventure from land to sea.... 

Did you know that Ray and I met on board a ship? I was a steward and a deck hand and Ray was the Engineer.
And that after Rays brain injury when he could not remember having a family he remembered being "Chief engineer McKimmey" The rehab staff told me to bring things from our home that were important to him. So I brought a painting he had bought me of the ship we met on. He would stare at it for hours and say " thats were I belong, we need to go there." 
We often wonder how two people who are so at home and a peace at the water ended up with a house in Palmer AK.

The beach has definitely been the highlight of our trip so far. there is just something about the sound of the waves.... and laughing children.


David Gardner said...

So glad you guys had a great time in Ventura! We might have to give it a stop on our visit up or down the coast.

hana said...

Hi Mckimmeys! lily just gave us the link to your blog, and i just wanted to check in and say hi!
-love, The suyamas :)