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Sunday, June 17, 2012

14 days in an RV

I knew that it was going to be hard... well at least I thought it would not be easy. I think that at night  it is the hardest. We have such a good time during the day... just hanging out mostly. enjoying the company of each other. At night everyone seams to be a little home sick.

Last night we had a sleep over in a tent. who knew that you could have a sleepover while you are RVing. The girls and there friend slept out. It was kind of nice to not have to put down the table to make the girls bed and worry about stepping on there heads when  Ray or I need to get out of the bunk. It was funny to see them tucked into there tent with a laptop playing Flika 3 from a Red Box.... what you do not have to give up when on the road.
Like I said before we are taking it easy these last 2 weeks just hanging by the pool....Playing games.... watching movies.... Going to Sea World....

Sea World was supper fun and we had never gone before so we did not know what to expect. It did not disappoint the weather was perfect not to hot....maybe even a little cold at the end.

So far living in a shoebox has not been that bad.
And of course we spend a lot of time out doors. 
We are headed to a new camp ground today. It is only about 20 miles from where we are now and we are only going to be staying there 2 nights then we are headed to the coast for 5 days to dry-camp...EEK.
I am a little nervous about this. I know it will be fine we have done the dry-camp thing before but new things freak me out.. So we will have to see.

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